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Press Relations

Bespoke strategies for innovative companies

StoriesOut devises bespoke Press Relation strategies that best support its customers’ objectives in terms of visibility, awareness and positioning.

From the initial design of the strategy to the implementation and measure of their efficiency, StoriesOut creates ad hoc PR campaigns for innovative companies.

For us, here are the three key levers of an efficient PR campaign:

  • Push: “hot” news distribution (press releases, alerts etc.)
  • Pull: identification and leverage of hot market / society topics on which to comment (regulations, trade shows, editorial calendars etc.)
  • Profile: creation of “cold” contents (Op-Eds, market surveys, customer testimonials etc.) to pre-empt of reinforce one’s position on specific topics / expertise etc.

Want to know more?

You are planning on launching a new PR campaign? You would be interested in PR best practice ? Do not hesitate to contact us.